Develop 10x faster (code)

Automate 10x cheaper (Business dev.)

Predict like Google (Machine learning)
I solve your IT tasks of any complexity level, even if you are non-technical person.
Leonid Gelvikh - Digital Generalist, CTO, Programmer, designer
low-code инструменты позволяют создавать комплексные IT-решения с минимальным использованием кода.

Бизнес-процессы, бэкенд, фронт создаются с помощью заготовленных модулей, функциональность которых сегодня стала огромной. Расширить ее мы всегда можем с помощью кода.

No-code отлично встраивается и прокачивает концепцию бережливого подхода:

  1. Дешевый по цене (2-5 тыс руб)

  2. Быстрый для сборки (3-8 недель)

  3. Гибкий во внесении изменений

  4. Не обязательны разработчики

    5. в условиях неопределенности безболезненно проверить гипотезу

1. Business automation like FORTUNE 500

reduce human work and don`t be dependant anymore.

I integrate Different data types and sets with any team, marketplace like Amazon / Ebay, OpenAI and ML models to get your business flow and grow

Get reports, analytics and work done.
2. Mobile and web platforms development

Launch in weeks, not months. I use reliable and scalable technologies that save you months and millions.

- any amount of Roles
- analytics art-like

Calculate key metrics and analyses within your app, or connect to ML/AI services

- admin panel
- any system integration (1000+ APIs)

complete control over design, functionality, and extensibility of each app we build, so we don't fear encountering features we can't deliver on.
3. Machine learning and predictions like
the ones in Google

Know what products will trend soon, who of your staff is less effective, and gain other Business Grow insight
from your data

Turn AI into ROI by going from raw data to industry leading predictive models in minutes, not months.
How you can change things after - EASY!
Make reports and analytics as a Founder at your Fingertips
Create your own dashboards like Drag & Drop
Book a call with me
Create roles

Add admins

Add wholesale clients

1 click new products and categories

Restructure any page instantly
up to 50.000
daily users servers
Basic Shop Functions
1. Catalogue of products
2. Multiple languages
3. Admin panel, Team manage
4. Sales systems integrations
5. Analytics integration
6. Inventory & order management
7. Buyer-seller messaging
8. Ratings & reviews
9. Business flow Integrations
Market price average
15.000$ +
My Price
3.500$ +
Time to build avg
2 month +
Launch 1 - 2 - 3
<2 weeks
The apps you may connect with eBay for example